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Indy Spotlight: The Witch is Dead

“The Witch is Dead” is a free one-page free RPG by Grant Howitt.  Designed to be played in a single session, “The Witch is Dead” gives its players control over one of the late witches familiars and a single goal: revenge.  You see, the witch was not the wicked kind.  She was wise and benevolent […]

Games Are Important: An Oddly Personal Entry

Games are important. Not everyone understands this, and both games as a medium and gaming as a hobby come under criticism quite frequently for many reasons.  When I was a kid videogames were considered either mind-numbing or too violent and tabletop games were the work of Satan.  What critics love to overlook is that games […]

Turning the Gears: Non-magical Healing in Pathfinder

In many d20 systems, including 3.x D&D and the Pathfinder RPG, healing is almost entirely the realm of the magically gifted. Sure, there’s the Heal skill, but that can only heal a creature of 1 hit point per hit die of the target once per day, so you still need a holy person around if […]

A Look at Adventurers in the World

So I haven’t dusted off my world-building tools in a while, and I’d honestly like to see if I’m still up to snuff on it.  Last time I did an article on world-building I talked about the different types of people that exist in an adventuring world and how common each of them are (If […]

Saving the Game from Party Imbalance

We have all faced this beast before.  The heroes line up to go on their adventure and everyone is proud of the hero that they’ve built.  Bill has built a character with a lot of cool tricks, Mike is excited because he’s going to be an awesome ninja, and then there’s Frank.  Frank has built […]

RPG Inquiry: Legion

Alright, I want to shift gears for a bit.  I’ve spent a lot of time talking about the video games that I played at MomoCON, and there’s still at least one more to talk about, but today I want to take the time to talk about one of the tabletop games that I demo’d as […]

Tabletop Tales: An Origin Story

I often talk and act like an expert on this whole gaming thing.  I’ve got some pretty strong opinions and I believe that on the whole I’ve earned the right to have them and defend them with the full force of my intellect and sarcasm.  With that said, I think it’s important to take some […]

Bad Habits in Gaming: Assuming the Players Were Stupid

This is a relatively short article, but one that touches kind of close to my heart for a couple of reasons.  I think the first point I should make is that I’m not saying to assume that you’re players ARE stupid.  Players are occasionally actively pretty dumb, but the important word is “actively.”   GMs […]

Superheroes in Roleplaying

With the new “Avengers” movie in theaters, I thought it would be cool to talk about how superheroes translate into tabletop RPGs.  Now, there’s actually a pretty long list of pen and paper RPGs that are intended to run superhero themed games: Wild Talents, Godlike, Mutants and Masterminds, Silver Age Sentinels, and a few licensed […]

What I Learned My First Time DMing: A Guest Article by Ran

DMing a game can be a rewarding and fulfilling experience. My first campaign had its ups and downs, but I learned a lot from it. I asked Trevor a while back if I could write a guest post on his blog about this experience, and he was all for it. So, here we go! First, […]