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Superheroes in Roleplaying

With the new “Avengers” movie in theaters, I thought it would be cool to talk about how superheroes translate into tabletop RPGs.  Now, there’s actually a pretty long list of pen and paper RPGs that are intended to run superhero themed games: Wild Talents, Godlike, Mutants and Masterminds, Silver Age Sentinels, and a few licensed […]

The Five Major Game Master Archetypes

Every experienced RPG gamer is familiar with certain Game Master stereotypes: the killer GM who wants to win at D&D, and the railroader who gives the players no free will, for example.  I’m not here to talk about those specific behaviors, but rather more broad trends that I feel are very common among game masters. […]

Big Fights Make for Long Nights 2: That Fateful Battle

So in my last entry I promised to tell everyone about a lengthy battle scene that a friend of mine ran recently. I was an observer, as I had recently dropped from the game due to a combination of an extremely busy schedule and already feeling like there were too many people at the table. […]

Big Fights Make For Long Nights: Marching Armies in RPGs

Typically speaking, when we think of Dungeons and Dragons (or Pathfinder, Hackmaster, Munchkin, etc), we think of a scenario that greatly resembles the title of the worlds most popular RPG. A group of guys go into a dungeon, fight monsters (maybe a Dragon) and get themselves some loot. It’s the formula that the rules were […]

Tabletop Tales: Big Groups

So I’ve recently let the size of my Pathfinder group get larger than I am typically comfortable with.  The group started at four, and then a player left, and then we got a new player to put us back at four.  Then one of my friends wanted to play, so we were at five.  Then […]