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Video Game Investigations: Super Dungeon Tactics

Super Dungeon Tactics, for those that don’t know, is a tactical RPG video game based on the “Super Dungeon Explore” board game made by Soda Pop Minis.  Super Dungeon Tactics was developed by Underbite Games and appears to be their first official video game (as it is the only game on their website).  The trailer, […]

1d6 Investigators per Turn: A Look at Call of Cthulhu

Alright, I’m going to open with some great news!  My blog now has a sponsorship from the Institute of Investigative Sciences in Huntsville, Alabama.  The Institute, and the retail store associated with it, Metro Spy Supply, are now supporting my writing habits.  In honor of that, I’m going to do a piece on Call of […]

Turning the Gears: A New d6 System

Alright, so technically this isn’t new.  I designed this core system for an RPG when I was in college the first time, and now I’m sharing it with you.  It’s a unique system that I’m very fond of, and I hope you will be too.  In this article I’m just talking about the system of […]

Turning the Gears: Non-magical Healing in Pathfinder

In many d20 systems, including 3.x D&D and the Pathfinder RPG, healing is almost entirely the realm of the magically gifted. Sure, there’s the Heal skill, but that can only heal a creature of 1 hit point per hit die of the target once per day, so you still need a holy person around if […]

Turning the Gears: Wrestling Heroes in Pathfinder

As some of you may have noticed I’m a fan of professional wrestling (or “Sports Entertainment” as the WWE calls it).  I also enjoy playing bare-knuckle style fighters in my RPGs because I grew up watching Power Rangers and WMAC Masters (Basically Pro-Wrestling for karate nerds), and I fancy myself a bit of a scrapper […]

Turning the Gears: The Tinge of Death

I talk about games a lot and critique how well they’re designed, balanced, etc. but I’ve yet to put anything of my own design up to be critiqued by my readers.  This seems like a lousy way to do things because calling out other people for their work is easy, and it’s actually easier if […]

The Five RPG Player Archetypes

Last week I talked about the five types of game masters and how they behave.  I’m always writing from a game master perspective because that’s the role I seem to always find myself in, but it was nice to think about things from a player perspective for a while.  I realized that I kind of […]

The Five Major Game Master Archetypes

Every experienced RPG gamer is familiar with certain Game Master stereotypes: the killer GM who wants to win at D&D, and the railroader who gives the players no free will, for example.  I’m not here to talk about those specific behaviors, but rather more broad trends that I feel are very common among game masters. […]

Tabletop Tales: Love and Roleplaying

Tabletop Tales is another part of my attempt to create thematically connected segments on here.  Rather than talk about mechanics, or worldbuilding, in this segment I’ll share some stories of games that I think are worth sharing with people.  This one talks, in detail, about some of my successes at introducing romance into an RPG. […]

Maddening Mechanics 1: D20 Leadership

Maddening Mechanics will hopefully be another semi-regular series that I put out (similar to Gaming Habits), where I talk about specific game mechanics in RPGs or card or board games that are bad by virtue of either being too powerful, too weak, or just not interacting well with the rest of the system. So today, […]