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My Top Five Tabletop Game Mechanics

Anyone who reads my blog knows that I’m really, REALLY into the mechanical part of gaming.  What qualifies something as a mechanic, though?  When I say “mechanics” I’m referring to the little rules bits, the pieces of the system that separate playing Dungeons and Dragons from just a game of make-believe.  I’m going to try […]

Advice to Young Heroes: Getting into Tabletop Gaming

Those of us who have been in the tabletop gaming hobby for a long time are likely to forget the time that we spent as fresh-faced rookies.  This means that sometimes when we end up recruiting new players into the hobby we find ourselves skipping important steps or forgetting that they don’t have our existing […]

Entry 15d: The Importance of Inclusion (Kamigawa Was Perfect in Way the Wrong Way)

Alright, I’m going to get this out of the way now. I loved Kamigawa. I grew up with a Japanese stepmother who would get Anime sent over from Japan and I took an early interest in Japanese culture as a boy. I think that samurai and ninjas are awesome and when I saw Kamigawa I […]

Entry 16C: The Importance of Balance (Mirrodin was… less awesome).

Anyway, when last I left off I talked about how totally sweet Onslaught Block was. Now I’m going to talk about the first Mirrodin block in a post that I expect to garner a little bit of hate. Why? Well because so many people that I talk to love both of the Mirrodin Blocks. I found them […]

Entry 16b: The Importance of Cohesion (Onslaught was Awesome!)

When I started playing Magic: the Gathering, Onslaught was considered the “old” block. It had just rotated out of standard to make way for Kamigawa, but the local gaming store still sold it because technically the local store only ran tournaments in the vintage format. This was enough for me to decide that there were […]

Entry 16A: It’s a Kind of Magic

Alright, first off I want to apologize. I was going to do a segment about the alignment of canon characters. I’m not going to lie, the reason I didn’t is because it became tedious and also became just an example of how fluid the alignment system is Every time I thought about it more the […]