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Advice to Young Heroes: Getting into Tabletop Gaming

Those of us who have been in the tabletop gaming hobby for a long time are likely to forget the time that we spent as fresh-faced rookies.  This means that sometimes when we end up recruiting new players into the hobby we find ourselves skipping important steps or forgetting that they don’t have our existing […]

Big Fights Make for Long Nights: The Boss Fight

Note: The cover image of this article was found at the wikimedia commons, which lists the artist. I could not find any more information on the artist to more effectively source him. Last time we did this I talked about marching armies and giant battles but now I’m going to talk about a different kind […]

The Trouble with One-Shots: A Brief Look at Brief Gaming

Recently, in celebration of a friend’s birthday, I ran a one-shot Pathfinder adventure. Now, I’ve run one-shot adventures in a lot of systems from Call of Cthulhu to Exalted, but I’ve never really thought about all of the ways that they differ from normal campaigns. For those who don’t know, a “one-shot” refers to a […]