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Videogame Investigations: Black Closet

Black Closet is a relatively obscure but very good title by Hanako Games, a relatively obscure but very good developer.  The game is set at an all-girls boarding school where you take on the role of Elsa Jackson, the newly elected president of an absurdly powerful student council.  Your responsibilities as president include keeping the […]

Video Game Investigations: Super Dungeon Tactics

Super Dungeon Tactics, for those that don’t know, is a tactical RPG video game based on the “Super Dungeon Explore” board game made by Soda Pop Minis.  Super Dungeon Tactics was developed by Underbite Games and appears to be their first official video game (as it is the only game on their website).  The trailer, […]

Video Game Investigations: MidBoss

Today I continue my ongoing investigation of the games that I played at MomoCON 2015 by taking a look at a new Roguelike RPG called MidBoss.  No, this isn’t a game about that guy from Disgaea, but it is about a monster who wants to be more than he is. In MidBoss, you play as […]

Video Game Investigations: BRAWLHALLA

For most of this month I plan on talking about the games that I tried out a MomoCON 2015. I was going to save this one for last, but I’m too excited about it.  Brawlhalla is a multiplayer brawler developed by Blue Mammoth Games.  The simplest description would be to compare it to Super Smash […]

Video Game Investigations: Spaera, the Fantasy Puzzle Fighter

I spent the past weekend at MomoCON in Atlanta, which was promoting itself as the largest gaming event in the southeast.  I spent most of my time roaming, as I am prone to doing at conventions, but I also got the chance to play some awesome new tabletop RPGs and Indy video games.  There were […]

Video Game Investigations: Jisei

Last night I played through the visual novel Jisei, a murder mystery starring a young man with the ability to relive the dying moments of any corpse that he touches. Overall I really liked this game.  Most importantly, I think, the story follows a logical flow and the resolution to the mystery makes sense.  The […]