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Why the Undertaker’s Retirement Match Was Actually a Masterpiece

I feel like I’m going to get murdered for saying this, but the way they retired the Undertaker may have actually been perfect. The thing is that this didn’t feel like a retirement match.  It didn’t feel big, it didn’t feel special, and going in it felt like another excuse to put Roman over in […]

Not Gaming: A BtVS Spike/Vampires in General Fan Theory

Alright, so I’m taking a break from writing about games to talk about something entirely different.  I’m not really a fandom sort of person, but I live with someone who has watched the entirety of Buffy the Vampire Slayer something like seven hundred times, and as a result I’ve seen the whole series about six […]

Don’t Let November Win: A NaNoWriMo Reflection and Strategy Guide

This year I won National Novel Writing Month for the first time, in what was my second year of participating.   My first year I washed out after about 11,000 words, and every other novel writing attempt I’ve made has died out within the first few pages (and that’s being generous).  Still, this year I cranked […]

An Article that Ends Different than it Began

November is, in addition to being amateur hour at the beard show, “national novel writing month.”  For those who don’t know, that means a bunch of people like myself who have always wanted to write a book take a month to buckle down and make it a reality.  I fancy myself a writer, and if […]