For as good as I am at talking I’ve never been great at talking about myself, but let’s give it a shot.  I’m a thirty year old army veteran who has been playing games for almost as long as I could speak.  I picked up my first Nintendo controller before I started kindergarten and I got my early start into complex tabletop games with HeroQuest when I was… I want to say eight?  Maybe nine?

My point with that isn’t to demonstrate expertise, it’s to show passion.  I comment often that gaming saved me from depression and made me the man I am today.  It’s a hobby that I love and a hobby that I love to talk about.  I started this blog in my junior year of college and now I’ve got my MBA and I’m still here, talking about gaming.

If you want to talk about gaming with me, feel free to send me a message using any of the info on the contact page.  I check it, and I’ll answer it.

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