Kickstarter Spotlight: Dungeon Dreams

Dungeon Dreams is an indy game that blends the JRPG, Roguelike, Dating Sim genres and you can find it on Kickstarter now!  All of those genres may sound like a lot to throw into one game and sounds exceptionally ambitious for an indy project, but having played the demo I can tell you that the game blends the various concepts together very well.  While the demo clearly reflects a work in progress it was a very fun experience that did a good job of showing off the different elements of the game and it even has a solid replay value, something that is unique for a demo.


The town of Ecallia, where our protagonist will make his fortune.

Dungeon Dreams puts you in the role of a newcomer to the town of Ecallia, town built on top of a massive, seemingly bottomless dungeon.  As a fresh faced starting adventurer, you have a lot of options on how to jump into the game, whether it’s diving straight into the dungeon, working to earn money for better gear, or trying to make friends with the locals.  The narrative is solid and the characters feel well developed and three dimensional.  You can recruit several members of the town’s population, each with their own unique personalities, goals, and criteria for joining your group.

The dungeon is procedurally generated by floor with a different layout every time you go in.  Every fourth floor you get a breather and the ability to save, but other than that adventuring in the dungeon is a brutal challenge and getting KO’d is very likely.  Fortunately, a TPK isn’t game over but it does kick you out of the dungeon and cost you all your unequipped loot (you get to keep your gold though, which is nice, but you lose anything you might have wanted to sell).  The combat is traditional JRPG fare but it is very well done with solid Active Time Battle mechanics that include charge up time for certain abilities.  The class system is also pretty deep and gives you a lot of options for customization and optimization.


The Scout is your basic rogue class, but you can also choose to be a warrior or mage.

One of the things that I thought was really interesting from the demo is that the player’s decisions actually do carry weight, and sometimes doing the right thing is stressful.  There is a choice that I had to make in the demo where the best thing to do, the choice that did the most good and even saved lives, required me to forfeit a significant amount of both mine and my character’s pride.  It wasn’t a “good option, evil option” choice or even a “give up a useful item for a similar benefit or brownie points” option, it was subtler and it didn’t even feel like it was necessarily the wrong choice until the consequences became apparent and because the consequences are a very logical result of your choice, you really feel responsible for the bad things that can happen as a result.

This article is supposed to shine a spotlight on the kickstarter itself, so before I close I want to talk about some of the backer rewards.  There is the expected reward of your name in the credits and a copy of the game and there are some cool material rewards as well, artbooks, soundtracks and so on, but when you get into the high tier rewards they have some interesting ways you can not only contribute to the game’s development but be a part of the game itself as well.  There’s a backer reward to create a custom NPC to put into the game and one of them lets you make your custom NPC the leader of one of the city’s guilds.  There are also some cool stretch goals including mobile ports for the game, CG romance scenes and a female protagonist.

Dungeon Dreams is a project that shows a lot of potential and is being made with a lot of dedication and creativity.  It has its inspirations and influences, which the creator happily acknowledges, but it also does a lot of original stuff.  Playing the demo was a lot of fun and I think that the full game is going to be even better.  You can get the demo on the official website here, and you can back the game on Kickstarter here.

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  1. Definitely sounds like a game I’ll want to check out.

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