Kickstarter Spotlight: Blueshift

I am a huge fan of 4x strategy games and it is exceptionally rare to see this genre represented well in board games.  Sure, there are a lot of good strategy games out there, Catan comes to mind most readily, but for a game to capture all four of the X’s well is exceptionally rare.  However, Blueshift promises to do just that. Blueshift is a 4x board game created by Nebulous Games.  Now, on the off chance that you don’t know what that would entail, here’s a video of one of the creators walking you through the mechanics.

Blueshift is designed by gamers and sports some awesome artwork that is reminiscent of the Masters of Orion series without losing its originaity.  Each race has unique abilities that define their play style and a unique homeworld to give them more flavor and definition.  This is an especially nice touch in a world where many factions are defined entirely by what color their pieces are rather than their unique playstyle.  While asymmetric gameplay is harder to balance, I am particularly excited for this element of Blueshift.  


Blueshift designed with the goal of pushing player interaction and strategic thinking.  Particularly relevant here is that the reviews on the kickstarter emphasize how well it scales.  This is important because the one other board game I’ve played that really captured 4x gameplay on a board had issues when playing with less than the optimal number of players.  Scaling is exceptionally important in a strategy game and Blueshift seems extremely promising.

The team behind Blueshift are passionate gamers and creators and the president of Nebulous Games has been making games as a hobbyist since childhood.  Because of this, it’s fair to expect that the game was designed with a lot of love and passion.


And spaceships. The game was designed with a LOT of spaceships.

Also, while I normally get the chance to do the spotlight early on in a kickstarter’s life, I managed to not discover Blueshift until there were only a couple of days left to support it so hurry up and go check it out.  

In case it wasn’t blatant enough in the article, you can back this game on Kickstarter HERE.
You can also visit Nebulous Games’ website HERE.

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