Kickstarter Spotlight: All Walls Must Fall

All Walls Must Fall is a “Tech-Noir Tactics Game” set in an alternate future where the Cold War never ended.  It’s a game with action, intrigue, and time travel that roll together into an exciting package.

All Walls Must Fall promises a dark and brutal narrative where the player, and the agent under their command, go through the loop of a single night in a desperate attempt to prevent cataclysm.  The blends the atmosphere of classic noir films like The Maltese Falcon and Casablanca with the setting of cyberpunk dystopia.


Mechanically, the game is very promising.  I had the privilege of playing the alpha version of the game before writing this and I am comfortable saying that All Walls Must Fall is both exciting and innovative.  The time travel mechanics alongside isometric turn-based action makes for a very exciting experience.  The combat felt in many ways like it combined the best parts of roguelikes with games like XCOM and Shadowrun.  Possibly the coolest part, though, is that after navigating your way through a gunfight, dodging bullets and temporally backpedaling to avoid death, the game shows a replay of the gunfight with only the final decisions.  This lets you see the action as a smooth fast-paced experience and it’s really cool.


It’s hard to capture the excitement in a still picture

All Walls Must Fall also has some solid social mechanics.  Being a time jockey, if a conversation goes awry you can back up to the last dialogue point and choose a different option and sometimes you gain a new set of choices.  I think that when this is polished up it has a lot of potential to include time travel in the spy experience.

Also, while this is an indy game it probably has the heaviest hitting team of any game I’ve spotlighted.  The creators have all worked on major AAA games in the past including Dead Island and Spec Ops: The Line so they’ve got the experience to make an A+ game.  I know that I, personally, am looking forward to seeing the finished product.

You can check out the kickstarter for All Walls Must Fall here.

You can go to the game’s main website here.

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