Back in the Mix

I haven’t been posting very much, and a large part of that has been that my gaming habits have been a bit off lately.  Part of that is time:  I have a day job, I’m getting ready to go back to school, I run an anime and gaming convention in my home town, and as a result my energy level for gaming has not allowed me to do more than sit at my computer and play Civilization IV until my inevitable death by barbarians.

However, that is all changing again.  Even though my World of Darkness game fell apart and my GURPS game fell apart, I’ve fallen back in with my old Pathfinder crew and am now officially back on the horse and am going to be updating much, much more regularly.  They won’t all be super in-depth articles, but I plan on making them all interesting at least.

So, for everyone who has stuck around or stumbled on me recently, stay tuned.

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