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Buff Spells, Action Economy, and Time as a Resource

Buff spells are powerful.  Buff spells are almost necessity level powerful, to the point that clerics and druids are arguably better classes for straight up combat classes and spell casters in general are always considered top tier.  However, I’ve noticed that a lot of combat works like this… DM:  Alright, you can see through the […]

My Problem with Planes

(This article is about extraplanar adventures in roleplaying games, not flying machines.) “We’re about to hit the next story arc of our campaign,” I said to my players, visibly very excited, “Does anyone want to suggest a theme?” Now, for those of you who don’t know, this is a dangerous proposition.  This is how you end up […]

Back in the Mix

I haven’t been posting very much, and a large part of that has been that my gaming habits have been a bit off lately.  Part of that is time:  I have a day job, I’m getting ready to go back to school, I run an anime and gaming convention in my home town, and as […]