Kickstarter Spotlight: Copper Dreams

Copper Dreams is an upcoming cyberpunk RPG by Whalenought Studios, creators of the strategy RPG Serpent in the Staglands.  Stepping into the far future, Copper Dreams looks to offer all of the best and most iconic parts of dystopian sci-fi: corrupt agencies, digital espionage and hardened mercenaries trying to make ends meet in a dirty world.  I mean, just check out this trailer.

Copper Dreams is set on a far future off-world U.S. colony called Calitana.  After being shipped onto the colony, you find yourself strong-armed into service as an Agent of Asset Inquiries.  I expect a strong main storyline from the game, but the game’s real narrative power seems to be coming from the promise of an open city to explore and a responsive world to interact with.  Speaking of interaction, Copper Dreams is looking to go above and beyond in its dedication to gameplay excellence.

Anyone who’s read my blog at all knows that I’m a stickler for good mechanics, and the fact that Whalenought Studios built an original rules-set from the ground up is enough to grab my interest right there.  Admittedly, the Burning Candle system doesn’t look like you could adapt it onto the tabletop because of its complexity, but I’m pretty sure complex RPG mechanics are why mankind invented computers to begin with.  The Burning Candle system looks to simulate the high level of brutality a fan of the cyberpunk genre would expect, requiring the player to be cautious and clever in their approach to combat.


Here we see an Agent of Asset Inquiries preparing to slaughter some guards.


I won’t go into too much detail about the system itself because that would just be rehashing the website and kickstarter, links to which are all over this article.  What I will tell you is the parts of it that really excite me.  The real time combat that allows pausing for strategic decisions is reminiscent of the latest Jagged Alliance alliance game (Back in Action).  Now, I’ll acknowledge that not everyone loved that change from the series turn-based origins, but I thought it was great.  The real-time element forces the player to stay alert and can really increase the tension when you’re sneaking around and hoping not to stumble across an enemy patrol and if you do run into the bad guys you can’t rely on a vast pool of hit points to keep you from biting the dust.  Instead of abstract hit points you suffer wounds to specific body parts and those wounds stack up.  No matter how tough you are, a string of bad luck or too many bad decisions will get you killed.

All of this added up means that Copper Dreams is a lot more about good planning and positioning than just being stronger than the competition.  Players can use lighting, sound, cover and elevation to their advantage against enemies who are smart enough to keep looking for you when you disappear and call for backup when danger flares up.

Copper Dreams also boasts an in-depth customization system for both your character and their equipment.  And when I say customizing your character, I don’t just mean training their abilities, I also mean augmenting their body with sweet technology that will make them more machine than man.  After all, you know what’s scarier than a highly trained mercenary with a shotgun in hand?  Did you say a highly trained mercenary with a shotguns for hands?  If so, then you’re correct.  If not, there is only one other acceptable answer.

Character Sheet

I plan on playing with this part for hours on end myself.


Overall, Copper Dreams looks to deliver a cerebral cyberpunk adventure that will capture the minds of any fan of the genre and you can back it on kickstarter today.  So check it out!

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