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1d6 Investigators per Turn: A Look at Call of Cthulhu

Alright, I’m going to open with some great news!  My blog now has a sponsorship from the Institute of Investigative Sciences in Huntsville, Alabama.  The Institute, and the retail store associated with it, Metro Spy Supply, are now supporting my writing habits.  In honor of that, I’m going to do a piece on Call of […]

Game Master Toolkit: When There’s No Time to Plan

Game Mastery is hard.  It takes preparation and planning.  It comes with that whole added stress of trying to avoid creating a plot hole because you forgot something from three sessions ago and your players have memories like supercomputers all of a sudden.  Because of this, it’s much easier to take short cuts when you […]

Special Treasures: Alternate Rewards for Your Pathfinder Game

Remember your first magical item in an RPG?  Maybe.  Unless you’re like me and your first game was with an existing group and you bought all your gear out of the Dungeon Master’s Guide and it was all just a series of bonuses with a gold cost.  After a point we get jaded with magical […]

Games Are Important: An Oddly Personal Entry

Games are important. Not everyone understands this, and both games as a medium and gaming as a hobby come under criticism quite frequently for many reasons.  When I was a kid videogames were considered either mind-numbing or too violent and tabletop games were the work of Satan.  What critics love to overlook is that games […]