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Turning the Gears: A New d6 System

Alright, so technically this isn’t new.  I designed this core system for an RPG when I was in college the first time, and now I’m sharing it with you.  It’s a unique system that I’m very fond of, and I hope you will be too.  In this article I’m just talking about the system of […]

Tools of the Trade: Syrinscape Game Sounds

Welcome to the first ever Tools of the Trade article, a new series in which I talk about tools and products that can be used to enhance your gaming experience.  I like to open new segments talking about things that I like, and this is going to be no exception.  So, let me tell you […]

Turning the Gears: Non-magical Healing in Pathfinder

In many d20 systems, including 3.x D&D and the Pathfinder RPG, healing is almost entirely the realm of the magically gifted. Sure, there’s the Heal skill, but that can only heal a creature of 1 hit point per hit die of the target once per day, so you still need a holy person around if […]

A Look at Adventurers in the World

So I haven’t dusted off my world-building tools in a while, and I’d honestly like to see if I’m still up to snuff on it.  Last time I did an article on world-building I talked about the different types of people that exist in an adventuring world and how common each of them are (If […]

Turning the Gears: Wrestling Heroes in Pathfinder

As some of you may have noticed I’m a fan of professional wrestling (or “Sports Entertainment” as the WWE calls it).  I also enjoy playing bare-knuckle style fighters in my RPGs because I grew up watching Power Rangers and WMAC Masters (Basically Pro-Wrestling for karate nerds), and I fancy myself a bit of a scrapper […]

Tabletop Tales: Roleplaying Within Established Canon

Some friends of mine recently got their hands on a copy of Imperial Assault, Fantasy Flight’s board game set in the Star Wars universe.  Along with Imperial Assault” Fantasy Flight also produces the current Star Wars RPGs Edge of the Empire and Age of Rebellion.  This led to a discussion about one of the issues […]

Turning the Gears: System Shock and Severe Injury

Welcome back to Grinding the Gears, where I put my attempts at game design up on display.  Last time I talked about the lingering effects that death can have, even after resurrection.  Today I’m going to be talking about a rule for things like severe injury and dismemberment in the Pathfinder RPG.  Now, I know […]

Saving the Game from Party Imbalance

We have all faced this beast before.  The heroes line up to go on their adventure and everyone is proud of the hero that they’ve built.  Bill has built a character with a lot of cool tricks, Mike is excited because he’s going to be an awesome ninja, and then there’s Frank.  Frank has built […]

Turning the Gears: The Tinge of Death

I talk about games a lot and critique how well they’re designed, balanced, etc. but I’ve yet to put anything of my own design up to be critiqued by my readers.  This seems like a lousy way to do things because calling out other people for their work is easy, and it’s actually easier if […]

Four Common Geek Stereotypes: Myths and Realities

As a self-professed geek, nerd or whatever term is hip nowadays, I grew up seeing people like me portrayed with a lot of stereotypes.  These stereotypes were almost always negative, and even the positive ones included a qualifier to say “don’t be like this guy.” You know the ones, “he may be super smart, but […]