Video Game Investigations: Jisei

Last night I played through the visual novel Jisei, a murder mystery starring a young man with the ability to relive the dying moments of any corpse that he touches.

Overall I really liked this game.  Most importantly, I think, the story follows a logical flow and the resolution to the mystery makes sense.  The gameplay is standard for visual novels: with all of your actions coming from menu selections.  The voice acting is also really solid, which is important for immersion in a visual novel I think.

My biggest gripe is that there’s really not much to say about Jisei beyond that.  Playing the game from start to finish took me less than two hours and the game felt much more like it was just the prologue for the next game.  This is fine, really, since I got Jisei and it’s sequel Kansei at an anime convention for about twenty bucks.  Still, I’m excited to play the rest of the series now.

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