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My Top Five Tabletop Game Mechanics

Anyone who reads my blog knows that I’m really, REALLY into the mechanical part of gaming.  What qualifies something as a mechanic, though?  When I say “mechanics” I’m referring to the little rules bits, the pieces of the system that separate playing Dungeons and Dragons from just a game of make-believe.  I’m going to try […]

Tabletop Tales: An Origin Story

I often talk and act like an expert on this whole gaming thing.  I’ve got some pretty strong opinions and I believe that on the whole I’ve earned the right to have them and defend them with the full force of my intellect and sarcasm.  With that said, I think it’s important to take some […]

Video Game Investigations: Jisei

Last night I played through the visual novel Jisei, a murder mystery starring a young man with the ability to relive the dying moments of any corpse that he touches. Overall I really liked this game.  Most importantly, I think, the story follows a logical flow and the resolution to the mystery makes sense.  The […]

Bad Habits in Gaming: Assuming the Players Were Stupid

This is a relatively short article, but one that touches kind of close to my heart for a couple of reasons.  I think the first point I should make is that I’m not saying to assume that you’re players ARE stupid.  Players are occasionally actively pretty dumb, but the important word is “actively.”   GMs […]

Superheroes in Roleplaying

With the new “Avengers” movie in theaters, I thought it would be cool to talk about how superheroes translate into tabletop RPGs.  Now, there’s actually a pretty long list of pen and paper RPGs that are intended to run superhero themed games: Wild Talents, Godlike, Mutants and Masterminds, Silver Age Sentinels, and a few licensed […]