Monthly Archives: April 2015

Advice to Young Heroes: Getting into Tabletop Gaming

Those of us who have been in the tabletop gaming hobby for a long time are likely to forget the time that we spent as fresh-faced rookies.  This means that sometimes when we end up recruiting new players into the hobby we find ourselves skipping important steps or forgetting that they don’t have our existing […]

Video Game Investigations: Little War Game

So recently someone left a comment asking someone on this blog to write a review of the video game they designed, titled Little War Game.  Normally I shy away from actual reviews because, well, there are enough of those on the internet already, but I decided to give this one a shot because I had […]

What I Learned My First Time DMing: A Guest Article by Ran

DMing a game can be a rewarding and fulfilling experience. My first campaign had its ups and downs, but I learned a lot from it. I asked Trevor a while back if I could write a guest post on his blog about this experience, and he was all for it. So, here we go! First, […]

The Significance of Final Fantasy VII

Depending on who you ask, Final Fantasy VII was either the most amazing video game of all time and oh my god if they could just please make a remake only they should let you revive Aeris this time OR it was mediocre at best and totally inferior to an untold number of RPGs on […]

Talkin’ ‘bout Dragons Part 2

Last time on Talkin’ ‘bout Dragons we discussed a lot of the issues that come with trying to use dragons in your RPG adventures.  Today I’m going to talk about ways to mitigate those issues and run really effective and fun encounters focused on dragons.  In the interest of being able to be specific and […]

Talkin’ ‘bout Dragons Part 1

You know who I don’t think gets enough love?  Well, you do if you read the title. I’ve been playing games like Dungeons and Dragons for nearly half of my life.  Now while that statement comes with many implications, most of which are probably unfortunate, I say it to give you perspective when I point […]