Entry 19: Double Dragon Outline

Alright guys, I’m really sorry that this one took so long. I’ve needed some time out of the world being overloaded with school and other stuff, and talking about video game movies has had to take a backseat. Anyway, long ago I promised you guys an outline of a good Double Dragon movie and I’m going to do my best to deliver. So without further ado, let’s get into the plot.

So we would open with a montage reminiscent of The Warriors (which is fitting because that movie was part of the inspiration for the games) showing the different gangs in the city doing all sorts of horrible things before cutting in on Billy and Jimmy Lee’s dojo. The Lees spend their time training people in the city to protect themselves and also function as local heroes, providing an area that the gangs usually don’t cause a lot of trouble in. We’d also be introduced to Marion, who would be one of the instructors at the dojo. After establishing the characters as being noble and heroic figures in the apocalypse, there would be some preliminary conflict going on outside of their dojo.

This conflict would be some members of the Shadow Warriors gang tormenting some of the locals. We would want to establish the Shadow Warriors as bold and ruthless, unconcerned about the fact that the area they’re in is under Double Dragon protection. This group of ad guys could be led by one of the sub-bosses of the gang, probably Chin Taimei. The heroes confront them and fight them, we could establish a bit of rivalry with Jimmy (who is the pair’s more aggressive blood knight character) and Chin, who I imagine as being a very aggressive and competitive fighter himself. However, eventually Chin would find his lackeys beaten and himself outnumbered, forcing him tor retreat.

We would then see Chin reporting to Machine Gun Willy about the brothers’ interference. The gang decides that they cannot let a group of heroes hang around in their territory unchecked and decide to kidnap Marion to try to blackmail the brothers into behaving. This is the setup for the plot as derived from the video game. The bad guys then make their way to the dojo, where they find Marion outside working with one of their students. The bad guys show up and Marion sends the student inside while she stands up to them, and after a brutal scuffle she ends up incapacitated and being carried off just as Billy and Jimmy make their way outside. Now really at this point the movie should just be like an hour straight of non-stop ass-kicking but let’s talk about some key points.

So our heroes fight their way through this post-apocalyptic city that basically represents the first level of the game. They make their way to the end, to that tower where you fight Chin in the game, and sure enough he’s waiting for them. He holds up Jimmy while Billy continues to give chase, not wanting to lose sight of Marian. He goes into the building and we’d focus on Jimmy fighting it out with Chin. While other fights throughout the movie would involve a lot of terrain use and have a generally chaotic feel, I want this one to have a more brutal one-on-one bareknuckle vibe. The two of them are not just trying to win a fight, it’s like they want to prove who is better and ultimately Jimmy wins.

We would then cut inside to where Billy had just dispatched a group of much less interested enemies. Jimmy comes inside and Billy explains that he lost sight of Marion, but the gang has identifying tattoos so they have an idea of where to go but that will mean fighting their way through Shadow Warrior territory. As they’re discussing this, holy shit fucking Abobo walks in. He was probably checking on things, not expecting all of his buddies to be wrecked already but it don’t matter. Billy and Jimmy are worn down and Abobo is at full strength and the brothers quickly find themselves at a disadvantage against a skilled and quick giant. Why do I include this fight here? Because kicking Abobo off of the conveyor belt was one of my favorite parts of the video game and dammit I want to include it in the movie.

Now in the game there’s a whole level where our heroes fight their way through this park to get to get to the Shadow Warrior hideout, but really that would just be extraneous in film. In the interest of pacing, I’d want to just have maybe a montage or something of them fighting through Shadow Warrior territory until they actually get to the temple that the Shadow Warriors operate out of. From there it would basically be an extended fight scene similar to the climax of movies like The Protector and The City of Violence. It would climax with a confrontation with Machine Gun Willy who is not only nearly on their level in hand to hand combat but also has a gun. This means that the brothers have to wait until he needs to reload or find some other way to disable him before they can close into hand-to-hand combat. Unlike Chin, who I imagine used something like Kung Fu or Jeet Kune Do, and Abobo who I imagine as a combination of western boxing and professional wrestling, Willy would fight in a very military style using choke holds and grapples and nerve strikes.

So the thing is, with as worn out as the brothers are, even together they find themselves on the losing end of the fight. Sure, they give Willy a run for his money but they’ve just fought their way through an entire gang of bad guys. You know who’s fresh and well rested though? Marion. And she may be tied up, but she’s a tough chick and she can get loose. And after she gets loose she finds her way to Willy’s discarded machine gun and empties the magazine into his back. After all, what kind of action girl just sits and waits to be rescued?

Anyway, after Willy bites the dust, the heroes gather themselves up. Make their way out of the temple through the broken bodies of their enemies. Roll credits.

So that’s my outline. I hope you enjoyed it and while I’m sure it wasn’t worth the wait I hope I won’t have you waiting for my next post.

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