Monthly Archives: November 2013

Relationships in RPGs

In my current Pathfinder campaign, two of my player characters have become involved romantically with NPCs.  Scretch, our Gnoll swordsman has found the love of his life in a Kitsune with a katana named Aki and Ransome, our necromancer, has fallen for the roguish charm of a knave by the name of Francis.  This got […]

Entry 4: Adventures in the Abyss

So now that my players are nearing the climax of their journey into the Abyss, I can honestly say it’s been a pleasant experience.  For me.  Not so much for their characters.  Also, we’ve started filming our sessions so expect a much more direct account of our adventure!

Entry 3: Preparations and Ideas

So I’m preparing to take my players deeper into the Abyss.  After the trouble they had in the last session, hopefully they are a little bit more psychologically prepared.  Remember players, some demons are very crafty. Also, I’ve been thinking of ideas to increase the amount of content I put out.  So I thought about […]