Monthly Archives: October 2013

Entry 2: The Results

Well, no one died.  Ok, that’s a lie, the party’s rogue bit the dust at the hands of a rather nasty group of demons.  She got better though, and I think it’s something that would have happened whether I was drunk or sober. The thing that concerns me is that the game has been a […]

Entry 1: Drunken Gaming

This Sunday things are going to be interesting.  During my last Pathfinder session someone suggested that we make this upcoming session more interesting by including alcohol.  We’ve made arrangement’s to make sure all of the players are safe (designated driver’s, couch space, etc), but from the character’s perspective this seems like a recipe for disaster. […]


I don’t know what to tell you right now.  I guess I should start with my purpose. You see, I like to game.  From board games to card games to video games and everything in between.  I’m not very good at gaming, of course, but I have managed to have a lot to say about […]